Opening Times

1) What are the opening times for the club?

Morning Sessions are from 7:45am to 8:45am

After school sessions 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Parents are welcome to drop off and collect their children during these times but for practical reasons we reserve the right to keep the last 15 minutes of a session collection free for staff and members to ‘close down’.

All after school attendees need to ensure they have a place on a school club between 3-4pm (appropriate charges apply)

2) What happens if I’m running late for pick up?

We are required to keep at least two staff with any child on the premises. If you are late in picking up your child we have a reasonable common sense approach and charges will only be incurred in persistent or exceptional circumstances. A late collection fee may be charged at £10 for each subsequent 15 minutes.

3) What happens on inset days?

D2D is not open on inset days.

4) What if the school is closed due to bad weather, will D2D club still run?

In case of Snow or similar – if the school is closed D2D is closed.

5) What happens when there are planned changes to the school day end time?

Where you have a choice [e.g. Cinema evening] D2D will be open as usual. Normal terms apply.

Where you have no choice [e.g. end of term] D2D will open earlier but for the same duration [i.e. 2 hours] so we will finish early. For example if the school finishes at 1:30 pm and there are no after school clubs D2D will open at 1:30pm and close at 3:30pm. A light snack will be offered

Enrolment and Sessions

1) How do I book regular sessions?

Sessions for regular attendees are booked upon joining and confirmed in the formal agreement.

2) How do I book ad hoc sessions?

Sessions for standby attendees must be booked in writing to welcome@kindiejoes.co.uk. We require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for booking or cancelling booked sessions. If there is a no show for an ad hoc session request the full fee will be charged.

3) Will we have to apply every term as with other school clubs?

No. Once you have regular sessions they are yours. Agreements will be renewed annually. For clarity this means

Standard notice periods apply.

4) Can I swap/drop sessions?

Regular sessions as per the formal agreement cannot be swapped for alternative days on an ad hoc basis. Swapping of sessions is only available on a permanent basis provided sufficient notice is given (minimum 24 hours) and is dependent on availability. We understand that circumstances can change and it may be necessary to drop regular sessions provided sufficient notice is given (6 weeks).

5) Can I add sessions?

Sessions for regular attendees can be added on an ad hoc or permanent basis provided sufficient notice is given (minimum 24 hours) and are dependent on availability. Ad hoc sessions will be invoiced at the end of each half term. If there is a no show for an ad hoc session request the full fee will be charged. Ad hoc sessions can be cancelled in writing to welcome@kindiejoes.co.uk with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

6) Do I get a refund if I miss a regular session?

As per our terms and conditions all regular sessions are non-refundable as we base our staffing requirements on the number of children attending.

7) What do I do if my child is not attending a regular or ad hoc session due to sickness or an alternative arrangement?

We need to be informed in writing to welcome@kindiejoes.co.uk if your child will not be attending a pre-booked after school session as we are expecting your child. We will contact you by telephone if we cannot locate your child.

8) How many children will be in each session?

Our target occupancy is an average of 24 children per session, Within reason we reserve the right to vary actual numbers on a session by session basis.


1) What are the fees for D2D?

For regular members we have set the fees at £6.50 for breakfast and £12.00 for after school. For standby members the fees are £7.50 for breakfast and £13.00 for after school. Fees are based on a combination of factors including alternative providers and our own costs. We are a business without any funding support from Surrey or others and have to pay for all costs including Training, CRB checks, Capital and Consumable costs and Administration.

2) Is there a fee reduction if I have fed my child before breakfast club?

Unfortunately not. Our fees are based on staffing for a whole session and we are unable to let part of a session.

3) Is there a fee reduction if I regularly collect my child an hour early for example?

Unfortunately not. Our fees are based on staffing for a whole session and we are unable to let part of a session. If you are looking for a more flexible approach please contact Louise and we may be able to suggest other providers associated to St. Joseph’s school.

4) What are the payment terms?

For regular members we require payments in advance and are willing to accept monthly arrangements. Our usual payment methods are applicable [Internet Banking, Cheque or Childcare Vouchers and cash/bank transfer only for amounts less than £30]. Additional sessions are invoiced in arrears at the end of each half term.

For standby members payments are in arrears. Invoices are issued at the end of each half term for any sessions used in the previous half term.

Working with the School

1) What if my child doesn’t get a school club from 3 to 4 pm?

We are assured all members will be offered a club with the proviso that the usual rules apply to applications and availability of space in certain clubs.

2) How do the breakfast club members get taken to the school?

All members are gathered up between 8;30 and 8:40 am. They are taken as a group across the staff car park and into the school playground. Infant members are taken to their lining up positions and a member of D2D staff stays with them until they are collected by their teacher.

Junior & Upper Junior members are escorted through the gate and then left to make their own way to lining up positions with classmates [members or non-members] in the playground. If requested a member of D2D staff will assist members in this age group

3) How are the after school club members collected from the school?

As part of our agreement with you, D2D provides the school with a list of members by day. Members are brought together in the school playground by the wooden hut at the edge of the reception play area at the end of school clubs [4pm], to be formally handed over to a D2D staff member and brought as a group across the staff car park and into our premises

4) What happens if an after school club is cancelled at short notice?

Should a 3 to 4pm club be cancelled at short notice we will make arrangements with the school to ensure any D2D member who is staying that afternoon is provided for between 3pm to 4pm.

5) Can the D2D staff hand children’s paperwork to the school?

D2D staff are not responsible for handing in forms (e.g. school trip, notes to the teacher, letters of absence) to the school. The only form that we will take responsibility for is the St Joseph’s clubs form for children attending the Monday breakfast session. This must be handed in to a member of staff when dropping off your child to the Monday morning session.


1) What type of food will be provided?

We have a weekly menu on display each week. Breakfast is a selection of standards – toast & cereals etc. After school will vary from day to day with a light snack. Example snack is baked beans on toast or tomato pasta. All options will be considered in light of healthy food information. [Please note – this is a light snack and not a substitute for a proper evening meal]

Buildings / Environment

1) What buildings are used for the club?

We use the clubhouse which is fitted out with storage, computer counter and furnishings to appeal to junior & upper junior school members.

We are also using Atlantic room [furthest from the entrance] for infant school member use.