All About Us

The environment we operate

Mission Statement

We aim to provide a caring and stimulating environment where children will want to learn and will be supported in their inquisitiveness by knowledgeable and interested adults. We believe that children learn best when following their own interests in their play. We want children to start their academic careers in an environment that values them as an individual.

Principle Objectives

Our prime responsibility is the welfare and wellbeing of all children in our care as well as providing a safe environment in which our children can playfully learn. We offer a setting that promotes the child’s education, building on the foundations of their social and emotional development, preparing each child for the eventful entry into full-time education. We therefore encourage children to join us as soon as practically possible after reaching two years and six months of age and build up their sessions by agreement between the parent / carer and the Kindergarten at St. Joseph’s


Policies are important to us as they show you how we operate. They demonstrate our commitment to ensure safety and a procedure to promote professionalism in our environment. Take time to read our policies provided on the gallery page.


The Kindergarten is managed by Louise, supported by a Senior Management Team. We have an exceptionally talented group of experienced practitioners, mainly qualified, and each with unique skills and experiences. At least six are in attendance during sessions. We encourage and positively organise for all staff to continually update their skills and knowledge by attending training sessions run by the local authority and other providers.


The Early Years Foundation Stage provides us with a statutory framework that guides us on the level of care and education we provide. We have to meet all the welfare requirements and have had to prove this to Ofsted prior to being registered.

The Framework has four principles that support us in getting to know and understand your child. It supports us in being able to plan and deliver activities that will develop skills and interests dependent on their age and stage of development. At the heart of the EYFS is the belief that all children are individuals and all children are learners from birth. It also promotes your position as parents as being the foremost educators in your child’s life. We aim to actively seek your partnership in the care and education of your child.


We encourage good behaviour by using positive language and by modelling good behaviour. If we feel that any behaviour is inappropriate we will discuss and plan a support programme with the parent / carer